Super Fine Grind Duty Surface Conditioning Disc (6 Inch)

Product Information

Intended Use: Car Polishing /Grinding

Color:  Red/Black

Available Size: 150 mm x 7 mm

Available Grits:1000,2000,3000 etc

Grade: Super Fine

Super Fine Grind Duty Surface Conditioning Disc (6 Inch)


Intended use: Car Polishing /Grinding



 -Blending or refining scratch patterns

-Moderate cushion and flexibility

-Reduced risk of gouging soft materials

-Consistent performance

-Several grades available for progressive finishing



-For removal, blending, surface preparation and finishing of larger areas, the hook and loop attachment system safely secures larger diameter discs to multiple tools. Compared to smaller quick change discs, full surface treatments of larger work pieces can be completed with less changeover, and product or operator fatigue. Best for flat and moderately contoured surfaces, materials available are well suited for a variety of industrial applications.

-Controlled cut rate and surface finishing range on harder metals. Balanced density of grains and resin reduce heat generation, loading and smearing on both hard or soft materials.


Available Color: Red/ Black 

Available sizes: 150mm x 7mm

Available Grits: 1000,2000,3000 etc

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