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Sanding equipment

Sanding equipment products list

Abrasive Disc, Abrasive Paper,Sand Paper, Air Orbit Sande,Sanding Disc

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Air Orbit Sander (Self-Vacuum)

-Item No.: DOS-1338A/ DOS-1368A

-Pad Size: 6 inch /5 inch

-Free Speed: 10500 P.R.M

-Air Cons: 3 CFM@90PSI

-Air Exhaust: Rear 

-Air Inlet: 1/4 in.

-Weight :0.98 kg(2.15 LB)

Blue Sanding Disc

Product Color: Blue

Abrasive Type: Ceramic Abrasive

Back Base Type: Paper Base

Application Areas:

-Sanding uneven edges of paint

- Finishing the surface of car putty

-Remove blemishes such as orange peel and dust spots on the varnish surface

- Car Repair

- Woodworking industry

- Composite material processing

Available Size:6-inches (152 mm)& 5-inches(128 mm)

Holes: Multi Holes

Hook And Loop Sanding Pad (5 Inch)

Intended Use: Can be used with a variety of other discs for feathering, scratch removal, paint stripping and paint preparation.

Size: /16''*24 threads

Material: Polyurethane

Color:  Yellow

Hook And Loop Sanding Pad (6 Inch)

Pad Size: 150mm(6")

Thread Size: 5/16"

Dual action orbital sander pads.

Tough and druable fiber glass insert and put foam.

Strongest center thread structure.

Different foam layer densities allow you to choose precisely.

Excellent resistance to tearing and other damage.

Gold Sanding Disc

-Abrasive Type: Alumina Abrasive

-Back base type: paper base

-Color: Gold

-Available Size: 125mm/150mm

-Available Holes: No hole, 5/7/15 holes etc.

-Available Girts: #40 - #800

-OEM Available