5/8 Finishing Pad-Soft (Black)

Product Information

Intended use: Car refinishing product/ finishing product

Product Size: 150x45/50mm  

Material: Foam 

Color Family: Black

Available Thread: 5/8

5/8 Finishing Pad-Soft (Black)


General characteristics:

-for mechanical refinishing / finishing;

-suited for using with fine polishing pastes.


Product characteristics:

-structure of the foam allow to hold the water inside the pad, what decrease the temperature of the polishing surface;

-the pad does not get into vibration during the work, which has a considerable effect on its life time;

-the Velcro holder is made from very strong, reusable material. It allows the pad to be securely fitted into the polisher;

-the plastic holder is topped with the nut what easily and permanently allow to install and uninstall the pad on the polisher/sander;



Intended use:  Car refinishing /finishing product
Product Size 150x45/50mm 
Material Foam 
Color Family Black
Available Holder 5/8
Sponge Origin Germany
OEM Available

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