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Paint shop

Auto repairing paint shop products

Masking Film, Tack Cloth, Cotton Wool, Masking tape, Paper Strainer

Active filters

Plastic Spreader Set

1. Three sizes included: 3'' 4'' 5''

2.Material: High Quality PE

3. Color: Orange

4.Flexible edges

Speed Shape Car

-Material: ABS

-Size: 20 x 9.9 x 4.8 cm

-Color: Black

-Detachable hook

Paint Ruler

-Material:  Aluminium

-No fading, resistance to thinners or other solvents, and resistance to friction.

-Accurate scale, smooth surface

-Two sizes to choose from

-Simple and easy to operate

-OEM Available

Spray Cup

Product Info

1. Capacity:400/600/800ml.

2. Material: PP & PE

3. The usage combined gravity cups, mixing cups and filters.

4. Help to reduce the amount of 70% solvent require for spray gun cleaning.

5. This system keep out contamination while reducing the operator's exposure to solvent vapor.

80 Degrees Pre-Taped Masking Film

Product Info

80 Degrees Pre-Taped Masking Film

Material: 16 mm 80 degrees masking tape & Premium PE

Mainly used as mask material for large areas painting of auto, car bumper, furniture, upholstery, etc. It can block paint or other coating seepage and to protect the place that outside the spray paint surface.

Size: up to customer

Color : Transparent for reference, up to customer

Thickness: up to customer

OEM Available

Absorbent Cotton Wool

Product Info

1. 100% cotton,

2. White, soft and highly absorbent

3. Customized size and OEM label available

Color Checking Sheet(Iron)

Product Info

Intended use: Makes a More accurate representation of the way the color will look on the vehicle. Can be used with solvent- and water based paints

Material: Iron

Size: 105 mm*150 mm

OEM Available


Product Info

Intended Use:  pre-paint wiping of all surfaces. Collect and remove loose contamination such as dust, dirt, hair and lint from surfaces

Material:100% cotton

Dimensions: 80*90 cm

Package:1 piece/ PE bag,50 pieces/box,4 boxes/carton

OEM Available

Plastic Paint Cup

Product Info

1. Easy to perform the paint job.

2. Economical alternative to paint tins for transporting mixed paints to the end-user.

3. Logo printable.

4. Four sizes, 0.2/0.3/0.5/1 liters.

Transparent Mixing Cup for Car Painting

Product Info

Material: PP (High Quality Solvent Proof Plastic)

Available Capacity: 385 ml,680 ml,1370 ml,2250 ml

Cup Diameter: about 93 mm,107 mm,133 mm,155 mm

Accurate calibrations showing volume and mixing ratios

OEM Available