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masking tape, masking paper, masking film, spray gun, orbit sander, sanding paper, wool pad, polishing sponge, paper strainer, tack cloth and wave tack cloth, spray cup, mixing cup, undercoat stone chip protectant, tin cans for car paint, air filters for spray booth

Active filters

Round Paint Cans

Material: Tin Plate

Intended Uses: Paint, Primer etc

Available Thickness: up to customer, 0.21/0.23/0.25 mm for reference

Available Size: All up to customer,0.5 L/1 L/3.75 L for reference

Printing: White/Naked, up to customer

Plastic Spreader Set

1. Three sizes included: 3'' 4'' 5''

2.Material: High Quality PE

3. Color: Orange

4.Flexible edges

Air Orbit Sander (Self-Vacuum)

-Item No.: DOS-1338A/ DOS-1368A

-Pad Size: 6 inch /5 inch

-Free Speed: 10500 P.R.M

-Air Cons: 3 CFM@90PSI

-Air Exhaust: Rear 

-Air Inlet: 1/4 in.

-Weight :0.98 kg(2.15 LB)

Empty Paint Cans

Product Info

1. Rectangle can or round can both available.

2. Outside: color printed /white / metal.

3. Customized style design.

Grease Gun

Product Info

Grease Gun

Air Inlet: G1/4"

Rated Pressure: 70 PSI

Max Pressure: 140 PSI

Wave Foam Buffing Pad With Velcro (Black)

Intended use: Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine

Color: Black

Sponge made in USA

Available sizes: 150mm X 28mm

Available Sanding Pad Size: 150mm

Velcro Size: 135mm

Speed Shape Car

-Material: ABS

-Size: 20 x 9.9 x 4.8 cm

-Color: Black

-Detachable hook

Blue Sanding Disc

Product Color: Blue

Abrasive Type: Ceramic Abrasive

Back Base Type: Paper Base

Application Areas:

-Sanding uneven edges of paint

- Finishing the surface of car putty

-Remove blemishes such as orange peel and dust spots on the varnish surface

- Car Repair

- Woodworking industry

- Composite material processing

Available Size:6-inches (152 mm)& 5-inches(128 mm)

Holes: Multi Holes

Paint Ruler

-Material:  Aluminium

-No fading, resistance to thinners or other solvents, and resistance to friction.

-Accurate scale, smooth surface

-Two sizes to choose from

-Simple and easy to operate

-OEM Available