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Air Orbit Sander (Self-Vacuum)

-Item No.: DOS-1338A/ DOS-1368A

-Pad Size: 6 inch /5 inch

-Free Speed: 10500 P.R.M

-Air Cons: 3 CFM@90PSI

-Air Exhaust: Rear 

-Air Inlet: 1/4 in.

-Weight :0.98 kg(2.15 LB)

Blue Sanding Disc

Product Color: Blue

Abrasive Type: Ceramic Abrasive

Back Base Type: Paper Base

Application Areas:

-Sanding uneven edges of paint

- Finishing the surface of car putty

-Remove blemishes such as orange peel and dust spots on the varnish surface

- Car Repair

- Woodworking industry

- Composite material processing

Available Size:6-inches (152 mm)& 5-inches(128 mm)

Holes: Multi Holes

Hook And Loop Sanding Pad (5 Inch)

Intended Use: Can be used with a variety of other discs for feathering, scratch removal, paint stripping and paint preparation.

Size: 70*400 mm

Attachment type:  Hook & Loop

Firmness Hard

Vacuum Support: Yes

Paint Ruler

-Material:  Aluminium

-No fading, resistance to thinners or other solvents, and resistance to friction.

-Accurate scale, smooth surface

-Two sizes to choose from

-Simple and easy to operate

-OEM Available

Plastic Spreader Set

1. Three sizes included: 3'' 4'' 5''

2.Material: High Quality PE

3. Color: Orange

4.Flexible edges

Round Paint Cans

Material: Tin Plate

Intended Uses: Paint, Primer etc

Available Thickness: up to customer, 0.21/0.23/0.25 mm for reference

Available Size: All up to customer,0.5 L/1 L/3.75 L for reference

Printing: White/Naked, up to customer

Speed Shape Car

-Material: ABS

-Size: 20 x 9.9 x 4.8 cm

-Color: Black

-Detachable hook

Wave Foam Buffing Pad With Velcro (Black)

Intended use: Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine

Color: Black

Sponge made in USA

Available sizes: 150mm X 28mm

Available Sanding Pad Size: 150mm

Velcro Size: 135mm

Purple Sanding Blocks DPSB-B70400

Product Code: DPSB-B70400

Product Feature

Ergonomic shape with a low profile.

Easy to handle and control.

Dust-free for dry sanding.

Delivers more consistent sanding results.